Open Letter to Amb. Augustine Mahiga-UN…

 |  Open Letter to Amb. Augustine Mahiga-UN, Amb. Matt Baugh – UK, Amb. Donalad Yamamota- USA, and Prime Minister Abduweli A. Gas-Somalia:
Thank you again for your attempt to support Somalia. In order to attain a real transformation with a healthy society, we must uphold and foster in justice. There must be better ways than the approaches of the TFG.
The basic element of the Somali plight is injustice. Now, according to the last four conferences held in Mogadishu, Garowe, London and Galkayo, the majority of the Somali population is against the fashions that TFG is bidding to accomplish a “permanent government”. Therefore, we are appealing to the international community to not support a plan based on 4.5 and the selection of the members of the parliament by clan leaders. It is insane to repeat the same failed ways of supporting Somalia. Clan leaders should not be involved in politics.
They have strictly clannish mentality. In fact clan leader’s job description does not suit or demand the nation-state promotion, but meticulously clan gains. That is the main reason why we have never succeeded for the last 20 conferences. It is a norm that the clan chiefs not to underwrite national issues; because it may contradict (according the culture) clan advancement. Besides these failed approaches, half of the Somalia population has no representations or membership of the clan chiefs. And in consequences, do not attend the conference in process in Mogadishu. Somali women are more than half of the population and have no say in the selections of parliament members and the adopters of the constitution. It is a mistake and unjust in the 21st century to ignore half of the population in a political system which we want to govern in a society.
Women in Somalia have been marginalized in the political arena and forced to act as spectators when it comes to the selection of the branches of the government. This should not be promoted by the international community. There must be ways of accommodating women during the process of selecting government branches until we conduct a real democratic process of one man/woman one vote. It is an irony that the international community has labeled as spoilers (TFG’s word of choice) to those who have objections onto the roadmap and the ways that the TFG is conducting the adaption of constitution and selection of the parliament. The word of the international community should have a weight and in consequence should not contradict the promotion of free speech and opinion.
Therefore, we urge from the international community to clarify what they mean by “spoilers”. It seems that the TGF is misusing this word by threatening anyone who raises his/her eyebrows on the draft and the roadmap. They even banned the parliament to discuss the draft. If we aren’t allowed to discuss the drafted constitution and the future of Somalia, what else can we discuss?
Hamdi Abdulle  | Somali Community Café parent leader | Seattle USA |
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