Road to Permanent Transitional Statehood

  | OPINION / FIKRAD – by Muna Farah - Another transitional government is heading the end of its term without contributing anything the welfare of the Somali state, only this time the western powers added their destruction by uplifting the powers of traditional clan chiefs by given most important mission leading the next face of transition process. These clan chiefs will be responsible of selecting persons responsible a new Somali constitution, and future parliament members.

Not only it’s a recipe for disaster but surest way to convert a permanent transitional state. Advancing democracy for troubled world, practising what you breach and measuring other countries same scale as yours is not included in their script for the new road map.  Apparently, those thoughts don’t cross the minds western states explicitly when it comes to Somali state for obvious reason, they are not sincere of their intentions nor they want stability and lasting peace in Horn of Africa.

A Somali nationalist will loathe these new powers assumed by clan men and historical evidences dictate it will only lead to perish of our sovereign statehood. Because of internal conflict between the Scottish clans men, they lost the war against the British finally the battle of Culloden the year 1745, sealed their doom, in which at the end the oneswho fought alongside with British invaders were reworded with monetary compensation for their loyalty but lost their traditional status and opposing ones naturally lost everything. Even wearing Scottish tartan was banned similar to today’s laws prohibiting wearing veil. Incidentally again, under the British reign native chiefs in Canada singed Indian treaties in 1763, in which today the world is cognizant of its outcome and witness daily it’satrocious scars left in streets of Canada.

Evidence is blatantly obvious and there are clear warning signs that these Somali clan’s men along their western support will further accelerate internal conflict and colossal setback for nation rebuilding.These Somali clan’s men with their limited acquaintance, practise, and understanding of civic governance have no business of assembling state affairs and should be limited to their primary obligation settling local clan’s disputes.

More importantly at present circumstances preponderance of Somali people don’t see the wisdom of redrafting, revisiting, revising or changing our constitution; yet western interests are toughly adamant altering it to point financing and supporting principle actors who will endorse the change.

Failed economic policiesand living beyond their means resulted bankruptcies many western countries, IMF tries its best to safe Greece and the rest of Europe, yet they are not ready to accept austerity measured imposed in order to obtain additional money and no one is talking about banishing them. In fact IMF working harder to secure more money if the Greeks pretend to listen. Where one presumes all these money coming from to save Europe, logic directs robbing less defensive nations like Somali of its resources. Once upon time there were imperial colonial powers along with their clergymen civilizing uncivilised, colonizing while robbing off their wealth only this round they more vicious, hungrier, greedier and bankrupted.

After more than twenty years since the collapse of the Somali state, Sunday, July 24, 2011, whileat hospital with my late grandmother television announcement came that Pope Benedict XVI, in his usual sermon urged humanitarian assistant to Somali nation, instead of gratitude I felt repulsion, graspclearly that he was not only endorsing but giving blessing his herd to join the forces with their fallow western army raiding and re-colonization of Somalia nation. Coincidently, less than year after his Holinesses concern of Somaliaasking westerns nations to intervene, leaked documents from his office indicate corruption, and luck of transparency, and his replay was we are living a “new babel,” indeed, welcome to the new millennium your Holiness.

As usual the three prominent politicians of Somalia are competing for their own personal interest, securing alliance, and campaigning forthe upcomingelection, while official Somali president Mr. Augustine Mahiga and AMISOM forces are left formanagingthe countries affairs, when not slaughtering Somali youths in the pretence of chasing terrorist. Within the same week both the Somali president, prime minster and speaker of the househappened to be visiting Turkey apparently for work, President in Ankara and prime minister landed in Istanbul on May 29, 2012.

Not only these three individuals are disconnected form people they represent the Somali nation, unquestionably have no sense of leadership, loyalty,direction,and definitely disengaged from each other. Instead of workingrelentlessly security, stability, reconstruction of the nation,engaging their fallow parliament members they seem to be competing for foreign approval, and baring wide smiles while having Kodak moments with any envoy, junior minister, NGO and occasionally head of state that would summon them in exchange for piece of Somali.

It is embarrassingly heartbreaking to witness the destructive display, disloyalty, purposelessness and pure selfishness these men poses to attain their aim at back of Somali nation in our neediest time. Until we are able to sit together, create an atmosphere that is inclusive to the fifty percent of population (women), have genuine discussion regarding our destiny, secure safety of our nation’s capital without depending on auxiliary army we shouldn’t rash to tampering the Somali constitution.

Having a pause will always guarantee a chance to reflect in an uncertain time.The alternative will make the present nightmare a minor damage.


Muna Farah |

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