We, Somalis Deserve this Man’s Service

Somali new Prime Minister Dr. Abdi Farah Shirdon

OPINION  / FIKRAD | Charity begins at home. Every man and woman provides for their family, but  Dr. Shirdon goes  beyond  that by shaping his wife Asha Haji Elmi’s political career, the well know lady who achieved prestige awards including the right live hood also known Alternative Nobel Prize  award and the Clinton Global Citizen award. Although it takes real tenacity for a woman to a achieved such prestigious awards, it wouldn’t be possible for her to reach that stage without her husband’s supported. Dr. shirdon is the mastermind behind his wife’s political career. This man is always there for his family and supported his wife in every political task she makes. Dr Shridon is an example to all men, because he has done what most men have failed to do.  It’s rare to see a man support his spouse politically  at that level, whether they are, Arabs, African , or Western.

Moreover, Dr Shirdon is devoted to his country, Somalia; he is  extending  his service by rolling up his sleeves getting ready to provide an impeccable service to, the country he loves so much. Dr Shirdon is a multicultural man who treats everybody equally, he  has never been involved in civil war or supported any political party. He always has a desire to help Somali people. Dr.Shirdon has a knowledge, experience, education,  and more important , he is a man with principle; he has the political vision to eradicate the 20+ years of  chaos in Somalia. I’m sure, Dr Shirdon is a man with compelling ideas and the ability and vision to turn those ideas in to action. Also, he has the qualities of great leader who put the interests of his people first.

Somali people have been looking for a great leader for so long. Dr Shirdon is a great leader who has lively interest to serve his country. Even though it’s challenging to meet everybody’s interest Dr Shirdon will try to reach each and every one’s interest and make sure no one is left behind.

I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations to you becoming our next Prime Minister of Somalia, and I wish you all the best as you move forward


By: Mahamud Haji Elim (Qooje)  Email: mahamudamin@hotmail.com


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One Response to We, Somalis Deserve this Man’s Service

  1. I think it is the opposite and Asha Haji Ilmi is the mastermind of Dr. Shirdoon’s success as the saying, “There is strong woman behind every successful man.” Both individuals are good and if there is no understanding and stabilit of the family it would not be easy to be successful. Dr. Shirdoon is a good Somali citizen but he is not very well known in the politics as he did not participate in it in the past. But so far people are saying good things about him. My hope is that the prime minister will be true to what we hear and stand up for his country and his people in these difficult times. We, Somalis, have to support him and all those who are working towards changing the dark past with bright future.