OPINION / FIKRAD | People have many different views about you as the new President of Somalia and every day passes more are distancing themselves from  you because your actions. People are worried how Somalia will look under your leadership. I know everything depends on Allah (swt) but you can be either a destructive or a constructive force. Either way people have to live with you for the coming four years.

The reason I am writing this article is to comment about your misguided view of creating a super Ministers particularly by putting the Health and Education under a super Ministry.  Education and Health are most important Ministries in every society and without proper funding of them the future of that society particularly like ours is doomed. I am putting more emphasis on Education because it is very important to every society including ours.

Education is the only way to succeed in life and every Somali person regardless of his tribe, clan, religion, sex and place of origin must access to it. People who invest resource on their children’s education will have a better society and high standard of living than those who don’t invest. Those societies who understood that by investing young people at early age will be beneficial at later age. These societies understand that educating children is the foundation of a good society. A good society is the building block of a good country.

Today, in Somalia there are a lot of Somali children who are not accessing education system because of lack of financial resources as well as security and that has to change. Education is a right and not a privilege. Every Somali child must access to education without any difficult.

Before the civil war the education system of Somalia was free and you could not find free education anywhere else in the world including the Western World. Therefore, I am one of those who benefited from the free Somali education system during the Mohamed Said Barre’s reign. Furthermore, But I am positive that you also one of those who benefited from that free education system therefore it is very important that you recognize that and also it is your responsibility to pay back because you have now the means and the authority and capacity to do something. In addition, you also have now the experience and also qualification to do something because you have been involved in the education system for the twenty years of Somali civil war. I read and also heard that both your background as well as interest is to improve the education system of Somalia and that is wonderful.

The education system is more important than any other system and any other time because the children who were born during the beginning of the Somali civil war are now having their own children. These grown up children know only death and destruction. They are the lost generation because they did not obtain a good and structured education system. Therefore, it is very crucial now that we save the children of the lost children who are now starting schools. If these children don’t receive good education system, they follow the foot of their fathers which only know death and destruction.

A well educate society is very important because they can overcome many obstacles. Somalia has been in turmoil for more than two decades and the only way to overcome that turmoil is to create a well educate society

Finally, the only means that Somalia can recover from twenty years of death and destruction is to provide the young generation a good education system that can improve their skills as well as they standard of living. May Allah (swt) show our people the right path is the book of Allah and the Sunna (rshw)? Amin.



Luqmaan Suleiman


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  1. This president is a builder but those who want to do things only on their way will not agree with him since he is trying to make sure that the government is for all and not for one faction or tribe. You can see that through the ministers named. Some people started opposing the president only after 5 days of his election. It takes years and years to undo the mess the Somali people did in the last 20 years and some are persistent to keep things in the old way, which does not serve the country and the people fo Somalia.
    Be aware of cheep propganda in some Somali websites of demonizing the president and the government. This cheep propaganda will not affect how the government and the persident will cary out their duty.