Monday, December 24, 2012: The Ministerial cabinet meeting of the Federal Somali Government was held today chaired by Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon (Saa’id). The agenda discussed in the meeting, among other things, were security, the outcome of the Public Works & Transport Minister’s trip to Iraq, H.E. Muhiadin Mohamed Kalmoy and the forecasted cyclone that is going to hit parts of Puntland tonight.

After the meeting, H.E. Abdikarim Hussein Guled, the Minister of Interior & National Security spoke to the press and emphasized that one of the most important items discussed in the agenda was how to improve the security in Mogadishu. He has underlined that police patrols will be deployed 24/7 in every district of Mogadishu.

On the other hand, the conference in Iraq on Arab Housing, which was attended by the Minister of Public Works & Transport, H.E. Kalmoy received a pledge from the government of Iraq to assist Somalia  in its reconstruction and development. The Government of Iraq has also pledged the immediate delivery of 18 million dollars in emergency aid.  Eight million dollars earmarked for emergency food aid shipment, and ten million dollars to rebuild the various government buildings.  The Government of Iraq has also told to the Minister is going to send a large delegation composed of members from different ministries to meet the different needs of the Somali government.

The cabinet members have also discussed reforming the operation regarding the centre for the export of animals on the hoof. It’s expected to become operational on 31 December. A committee composed of Ministers and businessman will be preparing the facilitation for streamlining the export of animals on the hoof.

Ultimately, the Minister of Interior & National Security has issued strong warning the communities living next to the Ocean to be mindful and take precaution steps to protect themselves for the strong cyclone winds that has been predicted to  land sometime tomorrow on the coastline State of Puntland.


Diraac Salaad Fagaase
Communication Director, office of the PM
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