Mogadishu Genocide 2007-2009: The EU and US Must Compensate Victims!

by Dr. M. Omar Hashi |From 2007-2009 the United States of America and the European Union authorized Ethiopia’s invasion and specific “clan-based genocide” against Habr Gedir clan in Mogadishu. At the time, the top EU legal advisor warned the President of the European Council that the Ethiopian army, African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and the TFG warlord Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed and Ali Mohamed Ghedi were committing war crimes in Mogadishu. The massive war in Mogadishu in 2007-2009 had nothing to do with Al-Shabaab as even the Ethiopian regime later declared. Rather, this bloody conflict was state- led clan-based genocide against one specific group.  During the initial invasion the Ethiopian government and its ambassador to the United Kingdom Berhanu Kebede publically stated on May2007 that Ethiopia’s army did not invade Somalia but were “invited” by the transitional federal government of  Abdullahi Yusuf to “save them”[the warlord regime of TFG] from this brutal sub-clan [Habr Gedir].”

Warlord Abdullahi Yusuf openly declared that “Ethiopia was helping Darood put Hawiye into the ocean”. The people whose children and loved were massacred by the Ethiopian and allied TFG clan militias in this Western funded and directed war crime have a right to be compensated immediately.  The European Union was fully aware of the massive crimes the Ethiopians, the AMISOM, and key members of the Transitional Federal Government (including many members of the current so called Federal Parliament of Somalia) committed against a specific Somali clan in 2007-2009.

War Criminals on the Run!

  Today, if the US and EU would like to comprehensively engage Somalia they must hold the remnants of the war criminal Ethiopian regime of Meles Zenawi responsible for state-based genocide and the war criminal collaborators who hold EU and US citizenship that participated in the atrocities.  It is outrageous that the International Criminal Court in The Hague and Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo has not even issued a warrant for the Ethiopian generals and their Somali war criminals that are responsible for the crimes against humanity in Mogadishu during the 2007-2009 occupation.  The EU and US comprehend that this is a disgrace to civilization and all international conventions.

What’s more, the Ethiopian general Gabre Haile who oversaw the genocide in Mogadishu currently travels between London, UK and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is a prime example of war criminal on the loose. Gabre is an affront to all the legal obligations of the British government and judiciary to persecute those who have committed crimes against humanity against unarmed civilians. The UK and US governments know all those individuals who served in the defunct TFG militia during 2007/2009 are guilty of outrageous war crimes in Somalia.

The war criminals currently inside Somalia and the Diaspora actively and openly participated in the bloody campaign in Mogadishu in 2007-2009. They knowingly went to Mogadishu during the Ethiopian Occupation specifically to commit clan-motivated war crimes against defenceless civilians.   The current clan warlord Abdirahman Faroole, Mohamed Warsame Darwiish, Adde Musse, Abdweli Ali Gaas, Hassan Abshir, Ali Mohamed Ghedi, Salaad Ali Jeele and many other genocide collaborators are still on the run waiting for justice.  Many Diaspora co-conspirators openly declared their support for the genocide in 2007 in the United States, Canada, UK, and Scandinavia and through their websites.

The data and information is stored for all to see. There is innumerable footage of so called “clan parties” urging the Ethiopian and TFG militia to continue Mogadishu genocide in 2007-2009.  The war criminals who were involved in the broad daylight massacres in Mogadishu in 2007-2009 are still living within the EU and the United States legal jurisdiction. The Ethiopian regime does not deny that they committed the outrages in Mogadishu but feel confident in having impunity from the EU and US governments. The Diaspora war criminals like Faroole and Darwiish believe that they will not be prosecuted because of Ethiopian impunity from the Western nations. Yet, the International Criminal Court of The Hague is mandated to issue warrants for all war criminals be they private individuals or external officials and national governments.

Unique Case of Internal-External War Crimes in Mogadishu 2007-2009

The International Criminal Court has no choice but to address the Ethiopian and TFG genocide in Somalia at this critical time. Specifically, the crimes against humanity in Mogadishu in 2007-2009 were an exceptional case in the Somalia war and throughout the world for the following reasons:

1.Prior Knowledge of US and EU to War Crimes:  Not only was the TFG warlord Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed devoted to a open tribal war in Somalia for the past 40 years, the EU and US governments fully knew this fact. The EU and US officials acknowledged that Yusuf was a clan warlord and this was the primary reason for the stagnation and utter failure of the TFG project in Somalia from its inception in 2004. In 2004 before the so called Islamic Courts Union, warlord Abdullahi Yusuf beseeched the international community for 20,000 foreign troops to fight Hawiye, and specifically, Habr Gedir in Mogadishu.

2. Ethiopia State Actor: In 2007, the Ethiopian army which is the largest military force in Africa and an internationally recognized state entity invaded Southern Somalia. Ethiopian government of Meles Zenawi claim it invaded Mogadishu at the behest of the US and EU to fight the so called Islamic Courts Union. However, soon it became quite obvious to the world and the West that Ethiopian Army was fighting the Habr Gedir clan in Mogadishu. An external funded and clan cleansing war broke out. Over 1.5 million people, largely Habr Gedir, were displaced in the Elasha Biya Camps. In fact, the United Nations in 2008 in the midst of Genocide stated the Elasha Biya was the fast growing town in all of Somalia because of the sheer number of the internally displaced victims from the daily Ethiopian and TFG attacks in Mogadishu.

3. The International Criminal Court in The Hague is duty bound to act in this matter. The Ethiopian Invasion and occupation of Mogadishu was a unique case of a hybrid external and internal clan cleansing by state actor (Ethiopia) against one section of Somali (Habr Gedir). It has never occurred in any war zone that a regional power and government like Ethiopia would invade a country (Somalia), takes sides in a Civil war solely to target one specific ethnic group in support of another ethnic group for extermination.

4. Ethiopia At War With Clan, Not Somalia Republic: The called historic animosity between Somalia and Ethiopia had absolutely no relationship to what happened in Mogadishu in 2007-2008. The Ethiopian government in 2007-2009 was not fighting Somalia nation-state which did not have any government or army. Ethiopian army was not fighting the ICU organization which ceased to exist. Ethiopia was exclusively fighting Habr Gedir clansmen that were defending themselves from tribal genocide.  If Ethiopian army did not invade Mogadishu in 2007 the Abdullahi Yusuf TFG clan militias could commit the atrocities that took place. After the 2 years of bloody genocide war, when the Ethiopian Army withdraw from Mogadishu in the face of steadfast popular Resistance from Habr Gedir, automatically the TFG warlord Abdullahi Yusuf and his clan militia fled overnight. Therefore, the mountain of evidence of the symbiotic relationship between the Ethiopian Army (external genocide aggression) combined with the clan based TFG warlord Abdullahi Yusuf (internal clan aggression) is irrefutable and clear-cut.


The US and EU governments must compensate the victims of the despicable crimes against humanity in Mogadishu 2007/2009 just as the Obama Administration has done so recently in Vietnam. The tens of thousands of innocent people who were murdered in Mogadishu in 2007/2009 demand justice. The unarmed civilians in Elasha Biya were victims of the State and Government of Ethiopia and the TFG clan militia that was funded by EU and US taxpayers. The war criminals who actively participated in these crimes are still around like Faroole, Darwiish, Gaas, Ali Ghedi,  Hassan Abshir- all  hold EU and US citizenship. The websites, public demonstrations of inciting tribal genocide violence, and fundraising for the torture and destruction of civilians in Mogadishu are all available for the ICC prosecutors to view. Will the US and EU governments take responsibility for their role in this horrific crimes against humanity in 2007-2009 or continue to hope it will be forgotten by the victims and their children still living in Mogadishu?

The bitter harvest of the future has been planted with the bloody roots of the past. Only Justice and Truth- the People will always endure and prevail!



Wadijir Wadijir “Ina Fartoogte”  | 



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