AMISOM troops secure Jowhar airfield

PRESS RELEASE | Mogadishu-February 19th, 2013 |  Somali government forces with the support of troops from the AU Mission in Somalia yesterday captured Jowhar airfield 20 Kilometers from Jowhar town in Middle Shabelle.

The allied forces faced little resistance from fleeing militants of the Al-Qaeda affiliated terror group, Al-Shabaab, as they moved to consolidate security in their former stronghold.

The move comes only four days after the African Union troops moved to secure the three key towns of Janalle, Barire and Aw Dheegle in Lower Shabelle.

AMISOM Force Commander, Lieutenant General Andrew Gutti said the move would help improve security in Jowhar and deny the terrorists a vital resupply point.

“This also opens up the opportunity for the reconstruction of Somalia’s infrastructure and will assist in the development of the key transport sector,” he said.

Following the securing of the Ballidogle and K50 airstrips, normal business has already commenced and they have begun receiving local flights. Plans are currently underway for their renovation.






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