The most words have been said for the past few days SHOCK, GRIEVE, HORROR,  AND  DON’T  KNOW  WHAT TO DO,  OR WHERE TO GET THE DESPERATE HELP NEEDED”!!

For the past few days Canadians were talking about the terror attacks at schools and most of the people don’t know what to do or where to seek the right solution for the terrible attacks are happening, unless the Law-makers do the right decision to stop or at least to decrease these endless attacks at the most important places.

The Government is facing serious challenges from the children under their own system, no matter the individual attackers what their believe is or reasons, but the Question is where to seek for the solutions?, the most of the parents keep saying with the feeling of sadness “ don’t know what to do or where to get the desperate help needed”.

Day and night the parents may be questioning their abilities as a parent and what to do for their frustrations and how to find the desperate help they need, even though many Mothers don’t sleep well day and night, because of the feeling frustration for their own children’s safety and future.

On the other side the Parents of the INDIVIDUALS who caused the terrible attacks don’t have the abilities to control their Kid’s activities 24/7, because the lack of help from their own Provincial and Federal Governments and the expertise, the parents are crying for help, but don’t know where to seek for the right help or solutions to cease for these violence’s behavior and many Teens are on the streets with unknown activities, especially in the so called civilize Nations.

Many parents are straggling their teen’s behavior to seek for help from their own communities, but if the law of the land is not giving the right help needed, the communities can’t do enough, because the lack of the system to live with, also the scholars of every religion can’t do anything without the help of the system.

Since I was community activist I have seen when the police was called a problem about Teens don’t take it seriously or when police was listened the Parent’s complain about the Teens, unfortunately the Police says most of the times “well we understand your feeling, but we don’t allowed so and so, because of the Law” so the question is who tied the hands of the Police?, but no one else except the Lawmakers and I believe the solutions are in the hands of Law makers if they are honest for their responsibilities and the people who Empowered them to protect their rights.

And the fact is, the parents can’t discipline or control the activities of their KIDS, because of the system they live with, how is it logic or acceptable, your own blood Son or Girl can’t tell them what is right or wrong or to guide them to the right way for the sake of their future.

Look at this example” a Mother told me that one day “one of her Kid did bad thing on the way to home from school and the police was called by a person was complaining about the Kid, the police gave a ticket to the Mom and tell her to show up the court and when she showed up the court the Judge said to her, “do you know you are responsible your kid’s action and the decision is, you have to pay the cost of the damage your child caused” so my question is, are the parents responsible when their Kids cause a damage, but when it comes the Kids to disobey their parents is OK? And the Truth is that is Double standard and kills the morals of the parents.  


Conclusion, Teen’s problem is one of the biggest issues in this world today and there is no sign to find the right solution for the teenagers needed. Every day or every hour one or two teens are dying for unknown reasons and the law makers in every Nation don’t see these problems needed urgent attentions to stop or at least to slow down, except all the Nations are busy to build for more prisons to keep the teens without hope and future.  Therefore every Nation will pay the price for neglecting the Teen’s behaviors and unless to cease or to stop the easy way to find the weapons are everywhere!!!. My advice to the Parents is to try their best to guide their Teens to the right path and the parents need have more patients to control the fears and the frustrations that they are facing.  We want to know one thing there is no way to avoid the stress of this life, unless the people and the Law have to work together honestly to stop the terrible crisis.



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