The Right Path (Tubta Toosan) – Somalia

The Right Path (Tubta Toosan) – Somalia

Young people have a pivotal role in promoting peace and Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) in Somalia

Mogadishu, 16 April 2016 –  Hon Mustafa Duhulow and Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow) praised the efforts of Somali National Youth Council in promoting peace and Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) in Somalia. Somali National Youth Council (SNYC) earlier this evening held a consultative meeting in Mogadishu with over 200 young people in attendance, in order to make the necessary reforms of SNYC so that it can fully represent the interest of young people throughout the country. Key topics discussed include the role of young people in Countering Violent Extremism (CVE).

Hon Mustafa Duhulow, CVE Coordinator for the Government of Somalia and Eng. Yarisow, former Minister of Information, spoke at the meeting to consult and update young people in the progress of the establishment of an inclusive National CVE Strategy, focused on preventing future radicalization and recruitment of violent extremism in the country. Osman Aden Dhuubow, Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports, the Secretary General and the Chairperson of SNYC were among the dignitaries that made speeches at the event.


Hon Mustafa Duholow thanked the Chairperson, the Secretary General and the management of SNYC for convening such an important consultation with young people in Mogadishu. Hon Duhulow hailed the commitment and determination from young people and said “I cannot thank enough the encouragement, commitment and determination of the leadership of SNYC and young people in general for showing their interest, commitment and determination to work with us in the development of an inclusive national CVE strategy for the country. I asked young people to work with us so that their feedback will be included in the strategy.”

Eng. Yarisow also stressed the importance role of young people in the development of the strategy, as young people are integral part of the society. Eng. Yarisow said “The Right Path (Tubta Toosan) program is aimed at promoting peace, harmony, human rights and development of the country. Therefore, young people are the backbone of the implementation of strategy. I encouraged young people to unite their efforts and to take a leading role on key issues that matter to them, such as promoting peace, countering narratives of violence and destruction and to become a champions of peace-building. Young people are future leaders of the country.”


Hon Duhulow also noted that the work of delivering the National CVE Strategy is now underway and thanked young people for convening this very important consultation meeting to support the efforts of the Right Path program in Somalia. Hon Duhulow said “Young people are victims of violent extremism therefore we must provide an environment that is conducive to promoting peace, stability, human rights, harmony and prosperity. We want to implement programs that can address the root causes of violent extremism, such as poverty, injustice, grievances and so on. We need to offer young people alternatives such as employment, and offering amnesty to militia groups so that they can take part the peace process. We also want our leaders to listen and hear the views of our youths. Young people’s leadership in public awareness campaigns to promote peace is vital and that is why we asked young people this evening to take a leading role in the implementation of the Right Path programs in Somalia.”


Hon Mustafa Duhulow assured to young people that they will be given the opportunity to take part the on-going consultation and drafting of the National CVE Strategy. He said that the strategy will be Somali owned and Somali led process, therefore, all segments of the society will be thoroughly consulted so that they can take ownership of the process. Our religious leaders have an important role to play to counter narratives of terrorists groups that claim religion status within the community. Credible voices will make huge changes to the lives of ordinary people.

Hon Duhulow concluded that soon the country will have a CVE Centre as a hub for implementing the national CVE strategy with the necessary research, training, coordination and delivery mechanisms of effective programmes that genuinely address violent extremism in Somalia.




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