Integration debuts on Omni Television in Canada

Integration debuts on Omni Television in Canada

Integration is coming to Omni Television!

New Television Show Uplifts the Image of Somali and Muslim Canadians in Mainstream Media!


[Toronto, ONT] – Every Saturday at 8:00am to 8:30am starting Saturday, Sept. 18th on Omni Television, a new television program will debut highlighting diverse Canadian stories & interviews.

Integration is a weekly, half-hour television program focusing on the Somali & Muslim experience. Integration is the first English-language television show in Canada connecting communities of diverse backgrounds to share stories. We’re committed to setting a new standard for content, where those outside of and inside of our communities benefit from sharing the experiences of Canadian life.

OMNI™ reflects Canada’s diversity by broadcasting an array of ethnocultural programming, serving multiple language communities. With five television stations — in BC; Alberta (Calgary and Edmonton) and Ontario (OMNI.1 and OMNI.2) – OMNI has a combined reach to 22.7 million people across Canada.

Executive Producer and Host Hodan Nalayeh says the program will help bring diversity to Canadian television. “The time is now to have television become more inclusive in Canada. Integration will bring voices that shape a new narrative on social issues from communities that are underserved by mainstream media.”

ABOUT HOST: Hodan Nalayeh was born in Somalia. As a young child, her family immigrated to Canada and she grew up in Edmonton, AB. Growing up amongst two cultures, Hodan learned early on the impact media has on shaping our lives and perception. Her early career started in radio and her television credits include, television’s most successful show, American Idol. Nalayeh is the first Somali woman media entrepreneur to connect communities through the power of social media. Nalayeh’s large social media following includes 3 million views on YouTube, 150,000 followers on Facebook, 56,000 followers on Instagram, 23,000 followers on Twitter & 15,000 on SnapChat! She is a mother, trailblazer and a leader with a passion to change the narrative in media to include more diverse voices.  www.integrationtv.com 






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