Muqdisho | March 19, 2017 – Since the president Mohamed Farmajo was elected the political situation of Somalia was unpredictable, according to the world Ambitious political controllers or superior, because of the political outcome of the election and the election was not happen the way they wanted and thanks for our MP made the right decision for the sake of their people and the country.

However the election will be unforgettable outcome and will be written in the history of Somalia, who ever likes or not, and as we know, many countries were not happy the outcome of the election and some countries are welcomed the result of the election.

British Foreign Secretary expressed that his Government will provide strong support for the new government and the Somalia people, especially the current crisis, but the question is how far will be true that and how fast the British’s AID will come and reach to the needy people. According to the past the British Government did not committed or offered any assistance for the people who is in urgent need,  in the meantime,  the UN Secretary and British Secretary’s visit to Mogadishu will be historical for themselves to show their pictures in the news all over the world and so that their visit will not be helpful for the current crisis in Somalia that need emergency aid to save many life’s.

The conclusion, since the election of the new Government the world’s famous politicians were visiting to Somalia with empty promises and the Visitors are the UN Secretary, British Foreign Secretary and the African Union Chairman and none of them bring with him any emergence aid to assist the current crisis.

Therefore the situation of Somalia’s hunger crisis is worsening and the international community is not ready to help quickly for the current hunger crisis and day after day the drought is getting worse and many people are dying Cholera and treatable diseases in the presence of the world.

At this moment of tragedy and sadness, hopefully the Somalia people will continue to help their brothers and sisters who are desire for their desperate help, and Allah will help us the best way to prevent the Hunger crisis and the treatable diseases and collectively we should ask Allah to accept our prayers to seek for his mercy.


By Omar Farah



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