The Arab League Summit Held in Dammam, Will bring Muslim a Unity or Will Continue the endless Distraction as usual.

The Arab League Summit Held in Dammam, Will bring Muslim a Unity or Will Continue the endless Distraction as usual.

Muqdisho | QOL | April 15, 2018 – According to the sad stories and divisions coming from the Muslim Countries was escalating to the highest extreme for their diplomatic relations in the past few months and also our Muslim Countries are blaming one another without discussing their differences.

At this moment, the Arab league is being held at a critical time, even thought there is a huge political crisis, and mistrust and political confusion in the region, and also the other side, there is a hopeful aspect, if the leaders understand their role of responsibilities and obligations and also there is an URGE need to bring Security, stability and development to their people.

According to the reliable sources, there will be a dispute over the Agendas will be on the table, because Saudi Arabia wants to dominate the summit as usual, and also the kingdom believes and will act the role of the Lion in the region, and that will cause a lot of political confusion and maybe the summit will end without resolutions as usual and that will bring to the Muslim nations hopeless future as the past experienced.

As we know, many countries at the summit are not freely to discuss their own political agenda, because they have been controlled and guided by other Countries, and it’s very clear that western Countries don’t want to see that Arab league to reach a concrete development on their political differences.

However, the question is?  the Muslim nations will continue to live in the verge of hopeless, grieve,  an endless crisis and their leaders will be a guilt of crime against humanity in this world and here after.

The end, I would urge to the Muslim leaders at the summit to face the reality and solve their differences in a peaceful way for the sake of their people and look forward to play an important role in the world politics, as we know the GCC countries can be the leaders of the financial sectors in the world, if they use their knowledge and their resources in the best way of their rule of law.

I am hoping the leaders will standby beside the Palestinian people who live under occupation and an endless genocide against Humanity and our leaders must understand ideology and the tricks of the western world based divide and rule of our nations and their creation of hostilities and hatred between our Muslim leaders and dividing sector groups of our religion.

Hopefully and hopefully, the summit will end to the positive way that will benefit to the Muslim nations who live in between life and death in the presence of our leaders. And I wonder why the leaders don’t see our innocent people are begging for help day and night!!!!

As a Leaders to remember, each one of you will be accountable your role of leadership either the positive way or negative way and the time will tell sooner or later.



By Omar Farah political Analyst and Adviser

Xafiiska Wararka Qaranimo Online |  Mogadishu 


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